School Websites

Your online presence matters: your school’s website is how you attract new families, build and keep community support, inform and engage current students and parents, and provide critical information to staff members. eChalk lets you create a  beautiful, accessible, and easy to navigate websites that tells the story of your school.


Beautiful & Mobile Ready School Websites

Example of beautiful responsive school website

Start with one of our design themes, and then customize your site with your own colors, logos, images, and page layout. Every part of the eChalk application is mobile-responsive, so your site looks great and works well on any device. We give you enough flexibility to make it your own, and enough structure to make sure every page projects the image you want.


Easy To Manage K-12 CMS

We make it easy to control the look, feel, and structure of your school and district websites. Change your theme with the click of a button, organize your navigation menus with simple drag-and-drop tools, and place your content on the page exactly how you like it. You can even add class, group, and staff directories with our automated tools. 


Integrated School Alerts and Personalized Notifications

eChalk websites are completely integrated with eChalk Notify, so school emergency alerts are pushed to your community's mobile devices as they are posted. Now you can post scheduled announcements and emergency alerts to your website and push them out to everyone's mobile devices in one easy step. 

eChalk Notify School Alert Icon

Accessible School Websites

We've built accessibility features right into our school websites, so you can easily create a site that everyone can navigate. Our platform has been designed to support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and help schools and districts meet ADA and Section 508 guidelines for website accessibility. Read our blog for accessibility tips.

ADA Website Icon

Guide: eChalk’s Shortcut to Accessibility

eChalk Guide is an accessibility checking tool seamlessly built into our CMS. Guide pinpoints the type and location of problematic content on your website before your page is published.

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